Chrysler firepower



There was so much hope in this car hitting the sale’s floor, but all that was crushed in 2005. This concept was created in a debate that Chrysler couldn’t create somewhat of a hybrid car with the same hardware that was used in other vehicles. This vehicle was supposed to make a huge impact on Chrysler’s reputation. It looked very similar to a Dodge Viper, and also Chryslers very own Crossfire. The small Firepower was giant under the hood. The car featured a 6.1-liter HEMI V8 that was supported by a chassis used by the Dodge Viper.


The Chrysler Firepower was a 5-speed automatic that could hit 0-60 mph’s in less than 4 1/2 seconds. The Firepower felt like a racecar that topped out at 175. It looked very strong on the outside, but the inside looked very luxurious. The inside of the Chrysler Firepower featured a leather-wrapper steering wheel with the traditional looking gauges. The seats matched the style of the car with black leather seats and a white stripe down the middle. There appeared to be talk of actually pushing forward with production in early 2006, but that was ultimately shutdown.

2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept; top car design rating and specifications

2005 Chrysler Firepower concept vehicle.










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