Datsun 310



Datsun 310 has a historic significance in that it marked the beginning of Nissan. The Datsun 310 replaced the F-10 which is titled as the “ugliest car ever!”The 1980 datsun 310 was a tinny little front wheel-drive car that had a funny look and came in different colors. In many parts of North America, what was referred as the datsun 310 during the 1980’s was in reality an N10 Nissan Pulsar that was based on the cherry. In Canada, datsun 310 was available with Pulsar stripping on the back sides. Many people viewed it as a cheap deal that was best for buyers looking for low-priced transportation appliances at a time when inflation was on the rise.




It was ideal for gas mileage with liters up to 1.4, had 4 cylinders, 4 speed manual transmissions installed on sedans and a consistent 2 venturis carburetor mpg. Its disadvantage however was that it was prone to catch rust very easily but one was sure to get more standards on the datsun 310 gx is also interesting to note that at that time, the hatchback coupe bodywork that had three doors was the only one available.
The Datsun 310 was marketed differently including GX or Deluxe depending on the equipment level. The three-door hatchback was optional in GX . The GX coupe was installed with a five- speed manual.





In conclusion, the 1980 datsun 310 car did not stand a chance to flourish because the inexpensive and larger rear- wheel-drive 210 make was selling more thus making it loose popularity fast.













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