Dodge t-rex



Power revolves around the king and Dodge has taken it upon itself to reveal the one who sits on this throne. Dodge The t-rex, boasting of 300 horsepower powered by 3 axles and six-wheel drive is enough to cast dust on any joker who dreams of challenging his authority. In a class of its own the t-rex has the God like touch of even giving you an adrenaline rush at a measly 3 mph. Impossible you say! Its reputation precedes its glory as Motor Trend Magazine has bequeathed it Truck of the Year’ a record five times. I prerequisite a crown.


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The Ram t-rex, whose name comes from the Ram Hood ornament truly emboldens its motto as the driver truly grabs life by the horns. Remarkably, it’s even perfect for the family as it offers better traction, easier parking and the comfort both on asphalt and on treacherous off-road trails. Well, if you can’t dodge it, ram it.

The king is here. The Dodge T-rex 6×6 is a gentle beast out-shadowing all the rest. All hail the King!

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