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1928 – on the Harley-davidson JD series motorcycles first installed a twin-cylinder engine, whereby the maximum speed reached 150 km/h. in the same year, Harley-Davidson begins to equip the motorcycles front brakesHarley-davidson jd photo - 1
Harley-davidson jd photo - 2Harley-Davidson JD. For the rare models of Harley-Davidson 20-ies of the last century, today’s collectors are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

The first 1200 cc two-cylinder V-engine Harley was released in 1922 and was placed on a motorcycle without any changes until 1928. Some of the few changes have occurred on the model Harley-Davidson JD: alloy based on iron pistons have been installed and improved engine lubrication system and transmission.
Harley-davidson jd photo - 3In 1928, the audience first saw the engine with two camshafts on motorcycles JD series. Their maximum speed is varied from 128 to 160 km / h. Motorcycles manned the front brakes.
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