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Old is gold. This proverb speaks audaciously about the 1976 Harley Davidson shovelhead. This air-cooled motorcycle has stood the test of time and still rocks the world. The V-twin bike was manufactured from 1966 stretching to 1985 by Harley Davidson. Its strength and durability have earned it great tributes to the present times.

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Harley Davidson shovelhead can still rival many modern bikes in a great way. This antique machine is a must have for all bike fanatics. Its rocker box covers are famous. They give it the head of coal shovels when reversed. It is an elegant ancient ride. It has a perfect shovel engine that has no covers. Its rocker boxes and extended rocker arms pivot on its shafts. It offers it a unique look. To this day, it is valued because of its ability to produce 10% horsepower than its predecessor- The Panhead engine.
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The 1976 Harley Davidson shovelhead stands alone as an exceptional bike. Bike fanatics who love fancy ancient rides can add some elegant garlands to enhance its exterior looks.











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