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In 1918 was founded the Australian touring company, which was called “Holden”. The first years the company manufactured body parts for cars “General motors Australia”. And in 1926 the firm was entirely under the control of the American company.

Since it was launched production of cars under the brand name “Holden”, which immediately found a buyer, due to the fact that were positioned as cars for daily drive. The first model Holden was so popular that it completely supplanted the car brand “Ford” with the Australian market for 20 years.

In 1953 he presented the first model of the company “Holden”, which was attended by its engineers. Of course, the intervention of Australians was limited to only create the body for the actual models of the Chevrolet brand at that time.

However, once the model of the Ford Falcon and its global recognition, “Holden” began to lose its market share and engineers, “General motors” started to create a new generation of vehicles, which had become a lifeline in the automotive market Oceania and Southeast Asia.


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In 1985 the company “Holden” started production of upgraded SUVs and pickups Chevrolet, which were in great demand among ordinary citizens, who appreciated the combination of comfort and passableness of the car.

By 2005, after a long period of restructuring, “GM” and attempts to reduce production costs of cars, “Holden” came under the control of the Korean branch GM, which was established in Australia production and sale models Chevrolet-Daewoo. Thus, the company was able to compete with the Japanese brands, which fully captured the budget segment of the Australian market.

After the global economic crisis of 2008, the company “Holden” produces several modifications of Chevrolet, becoming the first division “General motors”, which came out at a profit since 2009. In addition, thanks to the new policy “General motors”, part of the company’s shares “Holden” came under the control of the Australian government, which allowed the brand to obtain a number of tax deductions, demonstrating the best economic indicators on the stock exchange of Melbourne.
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