John deere 2840



Details about John Deere 2840 tractor

Engine details. The engine is made up of six cylinders. This guarantees the tractor as heavy machinery. It is powered by diesel fuel. The engine is economical in fuel consumption is also fitted with starter volts which make the tractor to be easily powered. It has paper elements of air cleaner. This ensures that air entering the engine is free from impurities.

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Dimensions and tires

Wheelbase of this tractor is two hundred and forty six inches. This is around ninety seven inches. This is larger base to ensure that it works well in mud and sort soils. It has weight of about ten thousand pounds. This heavy weight is to make it best for farming and doing heavy work in the farm.

Power take off. Its rear power take off is independent. The clutch is a hydraulic of three hundred millimeters disc. John Deere 2840 serial number plate is the front axle. 2840 is attached with front end loader. This is to increase the front weight of the tractor.

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