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John Deere 4030 is a Row-Crop type of tractor manufactured by John Deere at its Waterloo factory in Iowa, USA. It is ideal for farming in tough terrains and is often marketed as the full package for farmers in such terrains. John Deere 4030 is developed from the earlier model John Deere 3020. Its larger version is John Deere 4230 while its successor is John Deere 4040. John Deere 4030 has two types of engines; John Deere 5.4 L 6-cyl diesel and John Deere 5.0 L 6-cyl gasoline.

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The fuel capacity of the model is 35 gallons or 132.5 litres while the capacity of its hydraulic system is 13 gallons, eguivalent to 49.2 litres. John Deere 4030‘s wheelbase measures 101 inches or 256 centimetres. The tractor weighs between 9,180 and 10,150 pounds. The dimensions of its front and rare tires are 6.00-16 and 16.9-34 respectively. Since 1977, about 15, 690 John Deere 4030 models have been built. The original price of each John Deere 4030 back in 1977 was US Dollars 17,721. Mechanically, the tractor’s chasis is a 4X2 2WD. It has a hydrostatic power steering while its breaks have differential hydraulic wet disc.

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