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Kawasaki T-Rex, it is unbelievable to look at —just a glimpse is enough to slay the onlookers. You can’t resist yourself for the second look. It is a three wheeled motor vehicle created by Campagna Corp. It comes in Bright White, Red, Green and Radioactive Yellow colors. It is one of the best responsive car. It is amazing and comfortable. It offers an amazing and thrilling experience. T-rex Kawasaki was invented by Daniel Campagna in the year 1990.


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Kawasaki T-rex is a combination of a motorbike and a car. It accommodates the driver and the pylon rider and the seating arrangement is side-by-side. It has seat backs and seat belt. It’s is manually controlled just like a bike. Here are some performance specs: 0-6 in 3.9 seconds. It has a 1.4 L, straight-four engine. It covers 1/2 mile in 10.4 sec. It will pull 1.98Gs in turns. It has ’the feel of speed’, (multi-directional acceleration, closeness to ground, wind, and raw motor/moving part sounds and vibrations).

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If you are passionate about owning a power packed motorbike cum car paired with scintillating looks and speed then go for Kawasaki T-rex.

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