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Car is a four wheeler vehicle which is primarily used for road transportation. Cars are the product of automotive industries. They are highly equipped with modern controls to make the travel more comfortable. People are going crazy towards the new brand of cars for its highly equipped modern and safety controls. But the history and the evolution of the cars will definitely make one drive crazy.


<strong> AT-07-39-OL</strong><br /> 1941 Oliver 60 Row Crop<br type="_moz" />


The evolution of the car was started in the late 17th centuries. Stream engine was the base for the design of all the modern cars. At first the stream engine was designed to carry the cargos in the 18th century. After few years, by adapting the modern and innovative technologies they developed hand brakes, steering and multi speed devices. The entire design was then transformed to function using the internal combustion engines. Then they have started to drive the cars by adding the fuels such as petrol and diesel.





As years passed by many manufacturers entered into the world of car manufacturing by introducing many latest and modern technological features. The first car was launched in the year 1908 by the Ford Company. Still now the antique cars are more valuable than the present higher end cars. Among all the antique cars, the Oliver 60 tractor which was released by Oliver had high brand value in the agricultural market.





Oliver 60 was an antique tractor which was sold in Canada as Cockshutt60. Oliver 60 was a row crop tractor which was designed in the year 1942. The price of Oliver 60 in the year 1948 was $1,700. It was available in three different versions as Standard, Industrial and Row crop. The row crop looked like a tricycle. The color of the Oliver 60 tractor is yellow, instead of the Oliver green. The following are the specification of Oliver 60 tractor





Oliver 60 Tractor Transmissions:
Oliver 60 tractor had 1 reverse and 4 forward unsynchronized gear with a dry disc clutch. It had a manual steering and a differential contracting band brake.
Oliver 60 Tractor – Engine Details:
Oliver 60 had gasoline 4-cylinder, liquid cooled engine system
Bore/Stroke – 3.3125 x 3.50 inches [84 x 89 mm]Fuel system -Marvel Schebler TSX 49 CarburetorStarter type – hand crank/ electric (optional)
Dimension and Tires:
Weight: 2500 to 4000 poundsTractor Tire- Front: 5.00-15Tractor Tire-Rear: 9-32 Oliver 60 Power:
PTO – 18 hp [13.4 kW]Plows -1 to 2Drawbar-16.92 hp [12.6 kW]Belt – 18.76 hp [14.0 kW]
Belt Pulley:
Diameter – 10 inchesWidth – 5 inchesRPM – 1143Speed-3000 ft/min



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