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The Plymouth Champ is a hot classic car you just wish you own in your garage. The 1980 Plymouth Champ which is now commonly called as Colt has still all its beautiful gears just a change in name. The Champ was modeled from Honda Civic copying the design, its size and shape. It is powered by 1.7 liter and has a KMKM110-4 speed manual. It is quite difficult a Plymouth Champ now in its good condition as there is only few sellers who like to bargain their old champs.


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The Plymouth Champs are a classic, and if you are riding one now, sure still a head turner. As I have said, looking for Champ in a good shape rare, but of course, Honda and Mitsubishi make the best cars so you are still assured of its quality that will stand the test of time. That time in 1980, Mitsubishi was the company that was employed by Chrysler to create the model.

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