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Can you imagine a world without cars ? I certainly can’t ! All you have to do is take a look outside and you can see tens of cars waiting to take their owner to certain places . But where did it all began ? The history of cars starts in 1768, when Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot developed the first steam-powered automobile that was capable of passenger transportation . Decades later, in 1886, Karl Benz invented the first petrol-powerd automobile. The need for personal transportation had a great influence over the development of this industry . Day by day, the industry evolved so much that, nowadays, owning a car became not a fantasy, but a necessity. So, in this new era, you can choose from diffrent type of cars the one that fits you needs or, why not, the one that you like the most

( and you can afford ).

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Car designers are now trying to come up with new, innovative ways to attract the buyers . For example, in 1980’s, it was designed and produced the Pontiac Stinger, whitch was concieved as an SUV that could be used as a off-roader or a canyon craver. It’s characteristics were new and innovative for that time. The fact that more and more cars are produced everyday says everything about how important it is today to have access to an easy, fast way of reaching certain destinations .

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