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In the high days of the year 1971 when the competition for high performance and affordable cars were heated, Pontiac T-37 delivered the much hyped punch line to the masses, giving them a basic, muscle car. Pontiac T-37 also known as the “Tempest” was part of the LeMans family that started back in 1962 and lasted until 1981, it was meant to be the base car in the line up. The T-37 was known as the cheapest hardtop in America at the time and a total of 29,466 were produced of the hardtop kind. However it also took away the good looks a car deserves. Like the rubber mats, 2-door basic skeleton car, but what scooped people around it was its 6 cylinder decent and powerful engine, but for most of the part it was indeed quite successful.


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1971 Pontiac T-37 Tempest HardtopPrice: $2,807Body Maker: FisherWheelbase116 inchesLength202.8 inchesWidth76.9 inchesHeight54.5 inchesFront Tread61 inchesRear Tread60 inchesDisplacement: 4096 ccWeight: 3,194 IbsHorsepower: 36Gears: 3Fuel capacity: 20 GallonsOil4 QuartsTransmission3.5 Pints

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