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The Vector W2 is a concept car designed by Vector Motors in 1980.It is powerpacked with a dual turbocharged 5.7L Donovan V8 engine and has produced over 600 hp (450 kW) and over 600 ft·lbf (800 N·m) of torque on an automotive test. It is able to attain a speed of 242 mph (389 km/h) as per the claim of the company. The only drawback of W2 from the modern supercars is that it supports only 3 speed automatic gear ,which is irrelevant in the present automotive industry.

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Now, the vector W2 is owned by jerry wiegert who was the former founder and designer of Vector. The name has been taken from the “W” of Jerry Wiegert and “2” represents the dual turbo engine . Though this car was a prototype, for the industrial production the car was painted in different colors and corresponding photographs were taken to facilitate pre production process . In between 1982 &1987, Wiegert tried to raise the money inorder to start production of his car but he was unable to facilitate a commercial launch of W2 . In his lifetime Wiegert have travelled about 1,60,000 kilometres. Later in 1989 ,a new version of W2,which was named as W8 was launched.” Now,the car is dimantled and is stored in the head quarters of vector motors in Wilmington, California”-according to Jerry Wiegert who owns the semi monocoque model of W2.












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